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October 05, 2007



Soot particle do not cool the earth, they heat it instead. Please correct your article from that disinformation.



I prefer the Electric Blue Sky Thank You Very Much.

I read that it's because we don't have enough Omega 3 fats that make our skin barrier a bit weak. Then excess sunlight is likely to break down your skin on a cellular level because high omega 6 & omega 9 fats aren't enough to make skin cells strong. They actually weaken your skin cells!

That's why the Inuits (Eskimos) eat nothing but Omega 3 fats & never need a doctor! That's documented.

There's also proof that the Earth Herself is raising it's own vibration from 7 Hz to 13+ Hz & that the Earth's climate will actually become more moderate & humanity will spread out over the earth instead of congesting into small areas.


clean air

you gotta be kidding me !

how convoluted is it to believe that God's healing sun is dangerous & man made chemicals are healthy !

who's so stupid to believe that !?!?

Michal Marčan

Hare kRiSHna

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