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Tuesday, July 07, 2009



Isn't INFOWARS BS full stop. You all emotionally manipulated on that site by a leader that goes on and on giving you a lecture for hours and you soak it up forming your own minds around the collective being presented there.


Response to beguiled - That's the weakest argument ever, the one that goes, "it's always been that way so it must be 'natural'". I'm sure that with a little reflection, you can think of many things which were once considered normal, but which were abandoned in light of newly apprehended realities.

I believe the evolution of human thought is towards the most comprehensive and inclusive and expansive point of view.

Hopefully this includes abandoning the law of the jungle social darwinism; isolating individuals and pitting people against one another and "nature".


You are a so removed from reality it is unbelievable. We have hunted animals for the majority of human history, don't peddle your bullshit at infowars. Predation is NATURAL!

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