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Sunday, October 05, 2003



Great work, In India now it is time of Gou Grama Yarta.
Please see link http://eng.gougram.org/



We are now having a great cow protection movement in MAURITIUS,where 2/3 of inhabitants are of hindu origins.
The sanctuary,on an 8 acre farm,shelters 17 cows,that were destined to slaughterhouse.

We are now building a proper gosala,and later we intend to build also a small temple for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.



all gloris to prabhupada and prabhupada devothis . in my past i wos cnow
by spitrual neam saksi gopal das i am from israel .i wos very hapy
to see kapindra mharga wid the coos in my past i wos working wid the cos in india. i sow in the internet butifol pectchr . i dont heve the e mail
of kapindra swami .i wil like to write .him thank you very mach

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